Colombo to Badulla Train Time Table- Book Colombo to Badulla Ride

Colombo to Badulla train

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident of Sri Lanka, the first destination that comes to mind when considering a train ride in the country is the picturesque route from Kandy to Badulla Ella. That’s actually the second part of the Colombo to Badulla train route. In the fast leg, this train leaves from Colombo to Kandy. It is true that the train ride from Colombo to Kandy offers many breathtaking views as well, but the best part of the trip begins after Kandy when the views get even more spectacular. There are many natural wonders of the Sri Lankan countryside that you will observe on your way from Kandy to Ella, including lush, green meadows, tunnels, bridges, lakes and waterfalls that will inspire you to take pictures of the lush, green tea fields every few minutes as you watch the amazing views of the countryside.

The scenic railway line that connects Colombo city in the north-western part of Sri Lanka to Badulla in the south-eastern part of the island known as the tea country of Sri Lanka, creates a scenic journey for tourists. The breathtaking views are not the only thing that makes it so popular, but also the fact that a Colombo to Badulla train ticket is much more affordable than other modes of transportation. Known for its stunning scenery, the railway line is surrounded by tea plantations, waterfalls, and mountainous terrain.

A total of 30 weekly trains run between the Colombo Fort and Badulla regions, with at least five of them running daily. Although the Colombo to Budulla Railway line spans over 300 kilometers and its approximate travel time is nine hours, the breathtaking scenery makes the trip worth the effort. You can also take the nightmail train on this iconic railway line, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning views of the countryside and if you feel tired, take a nap as well.

Train No Train Name Departure Arrival Days
1005 Podi Menike ( Express Train ) 05:55 16:07 Sunday to Monday
1001 Denuwara Menike ( Intercity ) 06:30 15:01 Friday,Saturday
1015 Udarata Menike ( Express Train ) 08:30 17:44 Sunday to Monday
1007 1007 ( Express Train ) 09:45 19:20 Sunday to Monday
1045 Night Mail ( Night Mail Train ) 20:30 07:37 Sunday to Monday
  • Udarata Menike (Train No. 1015) Available Classes: First Class, Second Class, Third Class
  • Podi Menike (Train No. 1005) Available Classes: First Class, Second Class, Third Class
  • Night Mail (Train No. 1045) Available Classes: Second Class, Third Class
  • Senkadagala Menike (Train No. 1007) Available Classes: Second Class, Third Class
  • Intercity Express (Train No. 1001) Available Classes: First Class, Second Class, Third Class

Colombo to Budulla Train Classes

On the Colombo to Badulla train route, there are several class options, including reserved and unreserved seating. The trains are comfortable with soft, cushioned seats and are well suited for long trips. It is important to reserve your seats online at least a month in advance.

  • First-class seats are air-conditioned so the windows remain closed during the entire trip and cost 5,080 rupees ($61).
  • If you prefer open windows in second-class cabins for better sightseeing and photo opportunities you can reserve a 2nd class seat that costs 3,080 Rs ($37.00).
  • Though 2nd unreserved class ticket is usually not advised as you might have to complete your trip while standing at least till Kandy you can buy at 490 Rs ($5.50) for 2nd class unreserved seats.
  • Those who were unable to purchase 1st and 2nd class tickets before now can only purchase unreserved 3rd class tickets at the train station on the day of travel. You should however prepare yourself for uncomfortable wooden seats, crowded compartments, and hygiene issues in 3rd class compartments, which could ruin your trip as well as make it uncomfortable. As it has been mentioned previously, train travel is the most cost-effective method of transportation between Colombo Fort and Badulla, with 3rd class tickets costing as low as Rs 460 (US $ 1.30).