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colombo to galle train

It is no secret that Galle is a popular tourist destination, because of the attractions that it has to offer, including the Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery, Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project, and Galle Dutch Fort. As a result, thousands of tourists visit Galle during their trips because Galle beaches are well known for their quality. Many people consider Galle to be the beginning of their Sri Lanka trip. There are several ways of getting to Galle from Colombo, but I would recommend that you take the train. It is time-saving and economical. On top of that, in similar fashion to the other coast train trips in Sri Lanka, the Colombo to Galle train ride offers a magnificent view of coastal villages as well as a breathtaking view of the ocean, which is the most breathtaking view.

The increasing number of tourists who travel between Colombo and Galle by train has led to the introduction of tourist carriages on the interstate trains and express trains that now include assigned seats, on-board meals, and free WiFi access for the passengers. It is worthwhile to note that some third parties now also run trains between Colombo and Galle. As for the duration of your ride, depending on your train and the route that you take, it is possible that it will take you less than 2 hours or over 3 hours to travel from Colombo to Galle by train. 

It is important to keep in mind that reserved seats CAN NOT be arranged on the day of travel on Sri Lankan trains. Therefore, it is necessary to make your reservations in advance. To ensure guaranteed seats, you need to book at least 32 days before the trip.

According to the Colombo to Galle train schedule, approximately 74 trains run weekly between Colombo Fort and Galle. As far as the daily schedule is concerned, there are at least ten trains departing from Colombo for Galle, starting at 06:55 am and ending at 19:30 pm. You can find their complete schedule in the following table.

Train No Train NameDepartArrive OperationClasses Starting PriceOnline Booking
80608060 ( Express Train )06:10 08:01 Regular (EXCEPT Sunday)1st, 2nd & 3rd$13Go Here
80508050 ( Express Train )06:50 09:19Daily Observation, 1st & 2nd$14Go Here
8086Rajarata Rejini10:3012:42Daily 1st, 2nd & 3rd$13Go Here
8056Galu Kumari14:4016:39Daily Observation & 2nd$14Go Here
8054Dakshina Intercity15:10 16:53Daily 1st Class$15Go Here
8058Ruhunu Kumari15:50 17:34Daily 1st & 2nd Class $14Go Here
80948094 ( Long Dist )16:3018:31Sunday
Go Here
8760Sagarika16:4618:46Daily 2nd Class$14Go Here
87648064 ( Colombo Commuter )17:5120:27Daily 2nd Class$13Go Here
80648064 ( Colombo Commuter )18:1520:20Saturday2nd Class$14Go Here
87668766 ( Express Train )18:1720:40Regular (EXCEPT Sat-Sun)2nd & 3rd Class$14Go Here
8755Night Mail 19:3022:58Daily 1st, 2nd & 3rd$14Go Here

As a rule of thumb, most Sri Lankan trains are equipped with carriages catering to the second and third classes, and the Colombo to Galle route is no exception. However, there are some trains that have carriages catering to the first class. As you can imagine, first class is the most expensive and luxurious class because you are offered extremely comfortable and cushioned seats that have a lot of legroom for all of your passengers. Furthermore, first class is equipped with air conditioning, which ensures that the doors and windows will be closed all the time. Because there are not all Colombo to Galle trains equipped with first class compartments, there are only a limited number of first class tickets available. As a result, advance bookings for first class seats must be done up to 30 days prior to the trip date to ensure first class seats are available.

As far as comfort is concerned, 2nd-class seats aren’t as comfortable as 1st-class seats, but they are softer than those in third-class seats. Also, fans are used in place of air conditioning in 2nd-class. It is important to note that this compartment differs from first-class carriages in that you can open the windows and doors, and that the entrance gates are usually a lot less crowded than unreserved carriages, which makes it possible for you to take some amazing pictures and appreciate the sights. I generally recommend second class RESERVED on trains from Colombo to Galle, since you will get to see the sights through wide open windows and socialize with middle class people. As per Sri Lankan railway official terms, you are assured a seat in this reserved section if you reserve ahead of time. 

In regards to the third-class compartment of Sri Lankan trains, it is important to note that it does not have padded seats or air conditioning. However, you will find wooden benches covered in faux leather in the compartment, which are large enough for three or four people, but you should be aware that getting a seat in a 3rd-class cabin is quite difficult without prior reservations for a 3rd-class reserved cabin.

If you suddenly plan to visit Galle from Colombo, you can book unreserved third-class cabin on spot. As Sri Lankans generally travel in third class, unreserved tickets in 3rd-class carriages are the cheapest. However, you should mentally prepare to travel standing up. In particular, there is an exceptionally high demand for seats in unreserved third class cabins at Colombo Fort, the country’s primary railway station. Furthermore, because the seats are wooden benches, you might find them unconvincing. As a side note, there are spacious luggage racks over the seats that can accommodate backpacks of all sizes.

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