Colombo to Jaffna Train Time Table- Book Colombo to Jaffna Train Ticket Online

As the civil war in the country has ended, the city of Jaffna has become a very popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Sri Lanka Railways has started a number of new train services from Colombo Fort to Jaffna in an effort to meet the increasing passenger demand, while there were previously a number of trains running between Colombo and Jaffna.

While both of these cities are situated at a distance of 397 kilometers and the Colombo to Jaffna train journey is expected to take 6+ hours, don’t be frightened off if it’s an option for you as there is scenic beauty along the way. As Sri Lanka has an efficient rail system, it is easy to travel from Colombo to Jafna, as there are 29 weekly trains that run along this route on the regular basis.

Train NoTrain NameDepartureArrivalDays
4021A.c. – Intercity05:4511:51Sunday to Monday
4077Yal Devi ( Long Distance )06:3514:37Sunday to Monday
40934093 ( Express Train )09:4018:40Saturday
4017Uttara Devi ( A.c. – Intercity )11:5018:15Sunday to Monday
4089Night Mail Train20:3005:10Sunday to Monday

From Colombo to Jaffna, the cheapest train tickets are available in third class, but if you are planning on going this class, I don’t recommend you take it because the wooden benches are quite unpleasant and the trains can get very crowded and stuffy.

Second class tickets on the Colombo Jaffna train route can be bought for around $30, especially if you buy in advance. The carriages have comfortable seating options, so there is no need to worry about getting sick.

About Jaffna Railway Station

Jaffna Railway Station, the largest in the city, is a historic and architecturally significant transport hub connecting Jaffna to other parts of Sri Lanka. Its design is reminiscent of British colonial architecture and offers a variety of amenities to passengers. It plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation between these regions. Following the end of the civil war, the Jaffna Railway Station and other infrastructure in the Northern Province underwent substantial reconstruction and refurbishment.

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