Colombo to Puttalam Train Time Table

Colombo to Puttalam Train Time Table

Puttalam is a beautiful coastal town with a lot to offer visitors. Beautiful beaches, natural wonders, historical and cultural attractions, coconut production, fishing and offers one of the biggest lagoons in Sri Lanka. Travelling from Colombo to Puttalam is a convenient, affordable, and scenic journey. If you are looking for a great way to explore the Sri Lankan countryside and visit a beautiful coastal town, then I highly recommend taking the train from Colombo to Puttalam. There are 18 trains per day traveling between Colombo and Puttalam, so you can easily find a train that fits your schedule. The train journey takes approximately 2 hours and 12 minutes, which is a relatively short travel time. Train tickets from Colombo to Puttalam are very affordable, especially compared to other modes of transportation such as taxis or buses. The train journey from Colombo to Puttalam offers stunning views of the Sri Lankan coastal. You will pass through lush rice paddies, coconut groves, and small villages.

The train numbers, names, departure times, arrival times, and days of operation are as follows:

Train No Train Name Departure Arrival Days
3404 3404 ( Colombo Commuter ) 04:00 08:18 Friday,Monday,Tuesday
3411 3411 ( Mixed Trains ) 07:40 12:38 Friday,Monday,Tuesday
3417 3417 ( Colombo Commuter ) 11:55 15:52 Friday,Monday,Tuesday
  • The journey from Colombo to Puttalam takes approximately 4 hours and 18 minutes on the 3404 and 3417 trains, and 4 hours and 58 minutes on the 3411 train.
  • All three trains are commuter trains, which means that they are relatively inexpensive and have frequent departures. However, they can also be crowded, especially during peak hours.
  • If you are looking for a more comfortable and less crowded journey, you may want to consider traveling on a train that departs from Colombo Fort early in the morning. You may also want to consider booking a reserved seat upfront.

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