Colombo to Vavuniya Train Time Table

Colombo to Vavuniya train

As a Sri Lanka travel expert, I know that planning a train trip from Colombo to Vavuniya is an exciting first step towards exploring the north of this beautiful island. Sri Lanka Railways operates a daily train service between Colombo Fort and Vavuniya. Trains are a comfortable and scenic way to travel between Colombo and Vavuniya. The journey takes roughly 5-6 hours, and there are several departures daily. Below is Colombo to Vavuniya Train Time Table.

Colombo Fort to Vavuniya Trains

While Colombo Fort and Vavuniya are separated by 255.8 kilometers, traveling between them is a breeze thanks to Sri Lanka’s efficient railway system. Several trains operate on this route, offering convenient options for your trip. Currently, several trains operate between Colombo to Vavuniya.

Train No Train Name Departure Arrival Days
4021 A.c. – Intercity 05:45 10:05 Sunday to Monday
4077 Yal Devi ( Long Distance ) 06:35 11:45 Sunday to Monday
4093 4093 ( Express Train ) 09:40 16:23 Saturday
4017 Uttara Devi ( A.c. – Intercity ) 11:50 16:23 Sunday to Monday
4085 Rajarata Rejini ( Express Train ) 13:45 20:17 Sunday to Monday
4003 Intercity Express ( A.c. – Intercity ) 15:55 21:06 Sunday to Monday
4089 Night Mail Train 20:30 02:09 Sunday to Monday
  • Ticketing: Book your tickets in advance, especially during peak season (December-April). You can do this online or at the Colombo Fort Railway Station.
  • Seating: Choose your preferred class – from air-conditioned to fan-powered. Remember, higher classes tend to fill up faster.


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